5 Ways an AV Service Contract Helps Your Organization

Your audiovisual equipment is a serious investment, but do you really need a service contract? A service contract can help you not only protect your investment but help you save money and allow your employees and IT teams to be more productive. Here are the top five ways a service contract for your AV equipment will benefit your organization.

1. Ensure Your AV Equipment Runs Smoothly

Regular equipment maintenance results in better performance, as well as less downtime. And less downtime results in better work experiences and less frustration for users. Employees rely on numerous tools to get their work done, yet 91% say they’re frustrated with “inadequate” technology provided in their workplace. A service contract can help technology work better so employees are more productive and have a better user experience. 

2. Support Your People–Including Support People

A service contract can provide a better experience for your users and also for your IT team members who are often busy with day-to-day demands. To take some tasks off their plate, a support and service contract can include: 

  • Ongoing user training
  • Regular maintenance
  • Firmware upgrades and security patches
  • Virtual help desk services
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Remote monitoring and access for diagnostics and repairs
  • Help managing users and equipment operation
  • Break/fix services with speed to meet the urgency required for each system, including same-day SLAs for high-priority systems
  • Flex hours to install or conduct reconfigurations, firmware updates, software patches, security updates, system upgrades, programming changes, and upgrade planning

Managed service contracts are a variation of support and service agreements that guarantee a provider will be available on an as-needed basis. 

3. Protect Your Network

Today’s organizations require a lot of AV and collaboration technology, which can have a big impact on your network. So it’s important to manage usage, optimize performance, and minimize potential security threats. A service contract supplements your IT resources, ensuring critical firmware updates, security patches, and other maintenance is completed when and as needed. It can also include AV system integration, coordination, monitoring, and configuration. 

4. Save Money

Just like you want to address a cavity before it requires a root canal, proper equipment maintenance can minimize emergency repair costs and the impact of downtime on productivity. An AV service and support contract provider can also help you document costs and plan your budgets for the future. These exercises can help you save on AV costs and improve operational efficiency.  

5. Gain a Partner

With the right support contract, you can easily consult with AV experts and rest assured that you have a second set of eyes on your systems. The right service provider will tailor a contract to your organization’s needs and give you recommendations for future improvements and savings. 

Tailoring Your Contract

At Nationwide Audio Visual, we believe a service contract should be about supporting people, not equipment. Our contracts can be tailored to ensure your systems run as smoothly as possible while also supporting users and IT teams so they have a reliable and positive experience. 

If you still have questions about what you need in your service contract or how they work, learn more in this article. To find out how we can tailor a service or managed services contract to your organization’s needs, contact us today.

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