Beautify the Collaborative Workplace with Hidden Technology

Photo Credit: Leon

A room full of cables, boxes, gadgets, and other technology can look cluttered and intimidating. A user walking into the space may think it looks complicated or hard to manage. Such a scene can also be a distraction and an eyesore. 

If you consider room design from the beginning of your technology planning, you can create spaces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Easy and Aesthetic: Tech for a Better User Experience

Technology should be both easy to use and easy on the eyes. It can function at its best without being ugly. 

In fact, technology distractions may be detrimental to communication and work. Hidden technology is a trend that conceals some aspects of technology while ensuring the tools’ accessibility and functionality. 

With so many employees now having home offices, many want a similar environment in the office. “Resimercial” (residential + commercial) design combines warm and homey design elements with modern technology and functionality. 

This doesn’t mean users should have to pull out equipment each time they need it. In fact, the technology should be simple enough to start meetings with the press of a button, meaning solutions don’t require unsightly boxes and cables all around the room.

Choosing Designer and Hidden Technology

Some companies have an image or brand to maintain in their industry. They may want their offices to look neat and sleek without technology impacting the environment. Banking is one industry in which a lot of their business is done online. Their physical spaces now need to represent their brands and keep customers engaged and aware that they’re doing well. 

Nationwide AV works with companies like Leon to install designer AV solutions that blend into meeting spaces. Leon provides speakers and technology concealment solutions that support a great user experience for collaborators while ensuring technology doesn’t get in the way of work or aesthetics. For example, they can customize soundbars to the size of the TV, as well as match the grille fabric to the room decor. They also provide art screens that conceal technology, digital windows, AV shelves and cabinets, and more. 


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How Nationwide AV Helps

Nationwide AV doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our clients or their spaces. We like to be involved in conversations about upgrading spaces as early as possible. That way, we can help design the right technology solutions. 

Riaan van Rooyen, CTS and Nationwide Audio Visual Senior Account Manager, said, “You can redesign meeting spaces very easily with the right partnerships and in a very nice, clean way. You just have to know who to work with.” 

We view our relationships as partnerships, and we love solving complex problems and coming up with creative solutions. “When you think it is impossible, think of us,” van Rooyen added. “Bring us in and let us sit down and have a conversation.”
If you need better collaboration capabilities without ruining your workspace aesthetic, talk to a collaboration technology expert at Nationwide Audio Visual.