Create Meeting Equity with Mobile Collaboration Solutions

The conventional conference room was designed to support meetings–not necessarily creative collaboration. So when people began joining meetings outside of the conference room, that opened the door to more creative types of collaboration.

Employees are meeting everywhere from a cafeteria table or a couch in the breakroom to a kitchen counter or an outdoor picnic table. But office meeting spaces don’t have to constrain creativity either. Flexible workspaces can enhance creative collaboration when equipped with the right tools and technologies.

Choosing Flexible Workplace Technology

With a hybrid workforce, you may not have a full staff on any given day. So it doesn’t make sense to outfit several single-purpose rooms that sit empty half the time. It makes more sense to set up spaces that can be used in a variety of ways. One of the best ways to equip flexible spaces is with mobile technology

Mobile video conferencing carts can be outfitted with interactive displays, wireless conferencing solutions, microphones, speaker bars, smart cameras, and other technologies to enable hybrid engagement. Placing these technologies on a mobile flat panel display cart lets users hold video conferencing and collaboration sessions in many different spaces. And, even with top-of-the-line solutions, building a couple of carts is still more budget-friendly than equipping every room. 

When designing a mobile solution, here are some features to prioritize:

  • Clear audio for those in the room and attending virtually
  • Mic boundaries so meetings don’t intrude on nearby spaces
  • A cart that will accommodate accessories like remote controls and touch pens
  • Capabilities like annotation for both ends of a hybrid meeting
  • Cybersecurity around wireless presentation technology
  • A cart that is easy to move from room to room without tipping
  • The ability to accommodate any device for BYOM (bring-your-own-meeting)

Mobile options also give employees the flexibility to make creative choices about the type of spaces to use for collaboration. Solutions like mobile carts create more freedom to host different kinds of engagements and interactions because participants aren’t tethered to a meeting table or pieces of equipment. 

How Mobile Solutions Provide Meeting Equity

One complication of hybrid work is that not everyone’s equipment or environment is equal. That makes it hard to achieve equity in meetings and other types of collaboration. 

By building flexible and mobile solutions, you ensure every participant can connect from their own device. It’s important to make sure everyone can hear, see, share ideas, access the same annotation abilities, and be seen by others in the meeting. Whether it’s a link or a device in the room, everyone in and outside of the room should have a way to join a meeting with the click of a button. 

Making it this easy to collaborate also increases the opportunity to hold and participate in impromptu meetings. More people can join collaborative projects because there is no worry about how to connect to a meeting without getting dropped, losing audio, or not being able to see a presentation.  

A flexible work environment creates more collaboration opportunities which equals more inclusion and better ideas. 

A collaboration provider like Nationwide Audio Visual can evaluate your workspaces and help you build a mobile conferencing solution for your needs. If you want to improve your team’s ability to hold meetings from anywhere, send us a message