Get the Tech that Helps Your Agile Workforce

Today’s workforce is more agile and expects a flexible work environment in exchange for greater employee engagement and productivity. In fact, more than half (57%) of professionals said they are more productive working remotely than in the office. 

So how can you easily update your offices to accommodate the ways employees want to work? 

Make Room at the Table for Remote Employees

What employees want
A lot of workers want the option to work remotely, with 44% of employees saying they would like to be fully or mostly remote. Many also want to be hybrid–with the ability to work from home, go to the office when they want, and work from anywhere else they may go. 

How to update your technology
If part of your agile workforce is going to be working from the office, that can create a disparity between experiences between the office employees and the remote employees. Here are some ways to equip everyone with the tools that will make hybrid collaboration easy and equitable. Choose technology that gives employees:

  • The freedom to use any device
  • Boundaries between work and personal applications
  • Mobility to easily work from home, office, or on the go

Most teams will need a collaboration platform, displays, cameras that are easy to move, and quality microphones and headphones. These tools should work with each other and be compatible with all devices in and out of the office. 

Create More Comfortable Collaboration Spaces

What employees want
Agility isn’t just for remote workers. On-site employees want flexibility with where and how they work in the office. With 64% of employees saying they want better office technology, companies should evaluate their current workspaces and equipment to ensure tools aren’t hindering flexible and productive work. 

How to update your technology
Technology should help improve collaboration, as well as other aspects of work, like team building and training and development. Modern spaces should be large, comfortable, and flexible to allow for all kinds of office activities. Choose technology that gives employees: 

  • Flexibility to do different kinds of work in a variety of spaces
  • The ability to drop in to the office and easily connect to office networks and devices
  • Access to the same tools and capabilities they have at home
  • The ability to collaborate with groups of different sizes and in different locations

Consider whether you need more displays, more wireless device connectivity, faster internet, more reliable video conferencing, and interactive collaboration whiteboards.

Don’t Forget the Work-from-Home Technology

What employees want
Employees who work from home want to be able to work with ease without a lot of setup or help desk requests. They also want access to the same tools and information you have in the office so that they won’t feel left out of conversations or left behind in the work world. 

How to update your technology
Technology that employees use at home can be easily forgotten or neglected, but it’s important to help employees use the right tools and keep them up to date. Choose technology that gives employees: 

  • A hassle-free connection to collaboration tools
  • Secure connections and data protection
  • Reliable tools and minimal need for IT help

Consider providing remote employees with laptops, monitors, video conferencing hardware, and even internet reimbursement. That way you’ll ensure compatibility with office applications, minimize technical issues, and ensure employees have the tools and bandwidth they need to do their jobs. 

Are your employees equipped with tools that allow them to be agile? If not, consider a workplace update. Give us a call or send us a message today

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