How Yealink MeetingBoard Improves Collaboration

Photo credit: Yealink

While many companies have adopted hybrid work, three-quarters of them don’t adhere to best practices for remote work. One critical best practice for effective collaboration and positive employee experiences is to provide equitable experiences for remote participants. 

Fortunately, some technologies provide remote meeting experiences that feel like in-room collaboration. Yealink MeetingBoard is one such solution. Here is more information about how the solution works and benefits a hybrid workforce.

Intelligent Video Creates an Immersive Meeting Experience

The Yealink MeetingBoard’s premium video capabilities immerse participants in a conference environment that gives meeting participants a full view of presentation content and other attendees. The MeetingBoard consists of these video features:

  • 4K built-in camera
  • Electronic privacy shutter
  • 12X/6X detachable optional PTZ camera for larger spaces

Artificial intelligence (AI) features are what makes the video “smart.” They allow you to give all participants equitable visual and audio experiences. They also ensure everyone has the same access to meeting content. These capabilities include: 

  • Auto framing: The camera detects the number of attendees and their position to frame them clearly in the shot.
  • Speaker tracking: The system tracks and frames the person speaking or presenting in a close-up shot.
  • Smart Gallery (Zoom only): The MeetingBoard displays speakers and presenters to ensure all attendees can see everything as they would in the meeting room.
  • Picture-in-picture: This capability allows MeetingBoard users to see the presenter in one window, while also displaying the room view.
  • Multi-focus framing: This feature ensures everyone’s face is in focus–not just one presenter’s. 

Full-Duplex Audio Improves Understanding

The audio quality in the Yealink MeetingBoard is as important as the video capabilities. With 4+2 stereo speakers, the solution provides high-fidelity sound quality, reverberation suppression, AI noise-proofing, and a broad range of sound coverage. The solution includes these audio features: 

  • Dedicated AI audio DSP
  • AI-enhanced noice cancellation
  • Industry acoustic fabric design
  • Wireless expansion mics for bigger spaces
  • Built-in 16 beamforming microphone arrays 

This audio setup ensures that in-room and remote meeting attendees can hear all presentations and conversations.

Yealink MeetingBoard Photo credit: Yealink

Intuitive Whiteboard Enhances Collaboration

The MeetingBoard’s integrated interactive whiteboard is certified to work with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This allows for more flexible real-time collaboration and easy content sharing. Meeting attendees can all access the same content, regardless of their locations.

The whiteboard is available in 65- and 86-inch sizes to accommodate a range of room sizes. Its features include: 

  • Smart 4-level input digital ink recognition
  • Collaborative diagramming
  • Multi-writing capabilities
  • Native Microsoft Whiteboarding

Your teams can install the MeetingBoard on the wall or a portable floor stand, providing the flexibility your teams need to collaborate effectively.

Make Hybrid Collaboration Easy

If you’re tired of piecing together audio, video, and content-sharing technologies to make your meetings run smoothly, the Yealink MeetingBoard can make collaboration easier. With easy-to-use AI features, your teams can focus on creativity and productivity without a second thought to the meeting technology. 

To learn more about Yealink MeetingBoard and ways to increase productivity in your meetings, talk to our experts at Nationwide AV