It's Time to Check the Digital Signage in Your Workplace

It wasn’t that long ago that only big-time businesses used digital signage. Now, digital signage is not only commonplace but customers and visitors have come to expect it.

Digital signage is commonly used to display ads, attract attention, and engage visitors, but it’s also trending toward increased interactivity. If you’re short on staff or have visitors who aren’t interested in talking to a human, they can approach and interact with your signage. Experts are even saying digital signage will serve as doorways to the metaverse–virtual worlds that are just beginning to take shape. So now is a good time to assess your current digital signage and plan for the future. 

Do You Need Digital Signage?

The answer is yes if you want an effective tool to reinforce your brand, engage visitors, share content, livestream video, provide wayfinding, or put information at your visitors’ fingertips. And, as mentioned, people expect modern corporations to use digital signage technology. Its use signals that your company is innovative and at the leading edge. 

The latest digital signage is especially effective at engaging customers and employees. It can be used for welcoming visitors, scanning employee badges, providing directions, distributing tickets, and distributing information efficiently. For example, when you display a QR code for passersby to scan with their mobile devices, you can share a lot more information than is on the display. The code can direct them to special offers, social media accounts, or more detailed information. 

In addition to all these practical reasons, digital signage also gets people’s attention and reinforces your brand. When done right, digital signage simply looks good and can even be viewed as art.

Setting Up Your Digital Signage Solution

To achieve your objectives, you need the right equipment and software: 

  • Modern displays. Enterprise solutions include touchscreen displays for interactive and personalized content; all-in-one signage to simplify installation and management; and sustainable technologies to minimize energy consumption.
  • Cloud-based software. Content management and updates are simple with cloud-based software because the content is easier to store and can be accessed remotely from any device. Signage content doesn’t become stale because it can be easily updated in real-time.

Make sure your signage solutions feature the latest capabilities, allow necessary integrations, and have the most recent updates. 

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How do your workspaces make employees feel?


Maximize and Secure Data

Collect data about digital signage use and facility traffic by connecting sensors and IoT devices. Interactive signage can ask customers for information as well. You can use this information to create better, more personalized experiences. 

It’s essential to secure the data and the digital signage systems to protect customers and employees from breaches. Bad actors may want to access personal data or even take over the system. Cloud-based software poses different risks than on-premise solutions, so make sure you choose a trusted cloud provider. 

An expert audiovisual provider like Nationwide AV can help you make decisions about both your hardware and software digital signage options. We help plan and install digital signage that is engaging and impactful. 

Are you interested in installing or upgrading your digital signage but don’t know where to start? Our experts can help. Give us a call or send a message.