Make the Return to Work Easy with Collaboration Tech

The debate over whether remote workers should return to the office has been replaced with conversations about how to equip employees to do their best work–no matter where they are. 

As recent studies have shown, hybrid and remote employees have more job satisfaction and optimism than those who work solely in the office. So, it makes sense to give employees the flexibility to work in ways that create success for both your employees and your organization.  

So how do you create environments that allow flexibility, maximize productivity, and support equitable work experiences? The answer requires more than ensuring employees have a laptop and internet connectivity in their home offices. It means ensuring that meeting and collaboration spaces can connect everyone. Here are some starting points that will help you create a flexible and collaborative culture.

Implement Initiatives to Unify Teams

Even with remote work, there are circumstances when you want employees in the office and when they will want to be there. Organizations and employees alike understand the value of feeling like part of a community, and many employees like seeing their teammates occasionally. So what are organizations doing to ensure all employees are able to work in comfort and ease? 
Employee-focused initiatives include offering flexible work schedules and locations. Some organizations are offering incentives like parking or transit passes to get workers in the office. And some companies are trying to make the office feel more like home with cozy furniture, free meals, relaxed dress codes, and on-site childcare. 

Tech-focused initiatives include equipping spaces with the latest tools and gadgets, with some companies are sending employees home with technology to maximize remote productivity. The tech can include monitors, microphones, cameras, computers, and printers. Others opt to provide a stipend to cover expenses like equipment and internet fees. 

Upgrade Office Meeting Spaces

If you’re wondering what you can do differently to improve meeting spaces for hybrid work, start by looking at your current technology. If your company purchased the equipment in the past 2 to 3 years, you may just need to run a simple firmware update to keep it running at optimal performance. Any technology that’s older than that likely needs to be replaced with a newer, better version

Many companies face the need to both update and replace technology. They also must decide where to add and place equipment to allow employees to be more flexible and mobile. For some organizations, supporting a hybrid workforce means completely reimagining their collaboration spaces. 

Take Advantage of AV Technology

Updating your audiovisual technology is key to improving employee agility, engagement, and well-being. If hybrid employees are going to get dressed and make the commute to the office, they want to be as productive as possible while they’re there. 

To make the most of in-office collaboration time, choose easy-to-use AV tools like interactive whiteboards and professional-grade video conferencing equipment. To enhance team building, professional development, and social interactions in the office, consider technology like conferencing equipment, content-sharing tools, and informational digital displays in both large and small spaces.

Over the decades, Nationwide AV has evolved and provided leadership during times of change. We have been advocates of hybrid work for many years and know how to help companies maximize their benefits.  

Wherever your teams are working, make sure they have flexible environments and modern tools to be successful. To find out more about upgrading your technology, give us a call or send us a message today


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